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Learn Ionic 4 From Scratch#

Angular. Vue. React. Vanilla JavaScript. All of these tools can be used to create awesome applications with Ionic, thanks to the new Stencil compiler. This book is aimed at beginners that are looking to create amazing web, mobile and desktop applications using Ionic with examples across all of the popular frameworks.

by Paul Halliday

Creating Ionic Applications with StencilJS - Free Preview#

As well as being a powerful tool for generating reuseable web components, StencilJS provides the tools needed to build an entire application out of web components. Combined with the Ionic web components, StencilJS gives us everything we need to build high-quality production mobile applications - no framework required.

by Joshua Morony

Mobile App Development with Ionic: Cross-Platform Apps with Ionic 2, Angular 2, and Cordova#

by Chris Griffith

Building Mobile Apps with Ionic & Angular#

by Joshua Morony

Building Mobile Apps with Ionic & Angular is an all-in-one resource for learning the latest and greatest version of Ionic. It is targeted at beginners and works its way through the basics of Ionic, to example applications of varying complexity, and then to the steps required to build and publish your application (on the app stores or as a PWA). It has been updated for every major release, so you can rest easy knowing that you're not learning outdated tech.

Ionic 2 From Zero to App Store#

by Simon Reimler

Ionic Framework By Example#

by Sani Yusuf

Building Firestore Powered Ionic Apps#

by Jorge Vergara

This book will help you go from not knowing what Firebase is to be able to use the different APIs for your Ionic Applications. It will take you from β€œWhat’s Firebase?” to building scalable, production-ready apps and it’s always up-to-date with latest Ionic and Firebase versions.

Ionic 2 Cookbook - Second Edition#

by Hoc Phan

Mastering Ionic 2#

by James Griffiths

Learning Ionic (Ionic 1)#

by Arvind Ravulavaru

Learning Ionic - Second Edition (Ionic 2/3)#

by Arvind Ravulavaru