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Audio Management

A Cordova plugin to manage volume of audio streams for: ring, music, notification and system. Possible ringer values for those streams are: silent, vibrate and normal.

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$ npm install clovelced-plugin-audiomanagement $ npm install @ionic-native/audio-management $ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms#

  • Android



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import { AudioManagement } from '@ionic-native/audio-management/ngx';

constructor(public audioman: AudioManagement) { }
setAudioMode() { this.audioman.setAudioMode(AudioManagement.AudioMode.NORMAL)   .then(() => {    console.log('Device audio mode is now NORMAL');   })   .catch((reason) => {     console.log(reason);   });}
getAudioMode() { this.audioman.getAudioMode()   .then((value: AudioManagement.AudioModeReturn) => {    console.log('Device audio mode is ' + value.label + ' (' + value.audioMode + ')');   })   .catch((reason) => {     console.log(reason);   });}