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Card IO

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$ npm install $ npm install @ionic-native/card-io $ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms#

  • Android
  • iOS



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This plug-in exposes credit card scanning.

NOTE: If you would like to actually process a credit card charge, you might be interested in the PayPal Cordova Plug-in.

Requires Cordova plugin: For more info, please see the Card IO plugin docs.

Note: For use with iOS 10 + When building your app with the iOS 10 SDK +, you have to add some info to the info.plist file. This is due to increased security in iOS 10. Go to your app directory and search for the <your app name>Info.plist file. Add the following lines in the main <dict> element.

&lt;key>NSCameraUsageDescription&lt;/key>&lt;string>To scan credit cards.&lt;/string>
import { CardIO } from '@ionic-native/card-io/ngx';
constructor(private cardIO: CardIO) { }

this.cardIO.canScan()  .then(    (res: boolean) => {      if(res){        let options = {          requireExpiry: true,          requireCVV: false,          requirePostalCode: false        };        this.cardIO.scan(options);      }    }  );