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Class Kit

Plugin for using Apple's ClassKit framework.

Prerequisites: Only works with Xcode 9.4 and iOS 11.4. Your Provisioning Profile must include the ClassKit capability. Read more about how to Request ClassKit Resources ( in here: Also note that you can’t test ClassKit behavior in Simulator because Schoolwork isn’t available in that environment.

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$ npm install cordova-plugin-classkit $ npm install @ionic-native/class-kit $ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms#

  • iOS



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import { ClassKit, CCKContext, CCKBinaryItem, CCKQuantityItem, CCKScoreItem, CCKContextTopic, CCKContextType, CCKBinaryType } from '@ionic-native/class-kit/ngx';
// Init contexts defined in XML file 'CCK-contexts.xml'constructor( ..., private classKit: ClassKit) {  platform.ready().then(() => {    classKit.initContextsFromXml("classkitplugin://")      .then(() => console.log("success"))      .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));  });}
// Init context with identifier pathconst context: CCKContext = {  identifierPath: ["parent_title_one", "child_one", "child_one_correct_quiz"],  title: "child one correct quiz",  type: CCKContextType.exercise,  topic:,  displayOrder: 0};
this.classKit.addContext("classkitplugin://", context)   .then(() => console.log("success"))   .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));

// Remove all contextsthis.classKit.removeContexts()   .then(() => console.log("success"))   .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));

// Remove context with identifier paththis.classKit.removeContext(["parent_title_one", "child_one", "child_one_correct_quiz"])   .then(() => console.log("success"))   .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));

// Begin a new activity or restart an activity for a given contextthis.classKit.beginActivity(["parent_title_one", "child_two", "child_two_quiz"], false)   .then(() => console.log("success"))   .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));

// Adds a progress range to the active given activitythis.classKit.setProgressRange(0, 0.66)   .then(() => console.log("success"))   .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));

// Adds a progress to the active given activitythis.classKit.setProgress(0.66)   .then(() => console.log("success"))   .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));

// Adds activity information that is true or false, pass or fail, yes or noconst binaryItem: CCKBinaryItem = {  identifier: "child_two_quiz_IDENTIFIER_1",  title: "CHILD TWO QUIZ 1",  type: CCKBinaryType.trueFalse,  isCorrect: isCorrect,  isPrimaryActivityItem: false};
this.classKit.setBinaryItem(binaryItem)   .then(() => console.log("success"))   .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));

// Adds activity information that signifies a score out of a possible maximumconst scoreItem: CCKScoreItem = {  identifier: "total_score",  title: "Total Score :-)",  score: 0.66,  maxScore: 1.0,  isPrimaryActivityItem: true};
this.classKit.setScoreItem(scoreItem)   .then(() => console.log("success"))   .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));

// Activity information that signifies a quantityconst quantityItem: CCKQuantityItem = {   identifier: "quantity_item_hints",   title: "Hints",   quantity: 12,   isPrimaryActivityItem: false};
this.classKit.setQuantityItem(quantityItem)   .then(() => console.log("success"))   .catch(e => console.log("error: ", e));