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Firebase Analytics

Cordova plugin for Firebase Analytics

Go to firebase console and export google-services.json and GoogleService-Info.plist. Put those files into the root of your cordova app folder.

NOTE: on iOS in order to collect demographic, age, gender data etc. you should additionally include AdSupport.framework into your project.

Using capacitor?#

For Android you'll have to add in android/app/src/main/AndroidManfiest.xml under <application>

<meta-data     tools:replace="android:value"     android:name="firebase_analytics_collection_enabled"     android:value="true"/>
<meta-data     tools:replace="android:value"     android:name="google_analytics_automatic_screen_reporting_enabled"     android:value="false"/>

And in the same file, you'll have to add xmlns:tools="" to your manifest tag.

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$ npm install cordova-plugin-firebase-analytics $ npm install @ionic-native/firebase-analytics $ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms#

  • Android
  • iOS



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import { FirebaseAnalytics } from '@ionic-native/firebase-analytics/ngx';

constructor(private firebaseAnalytics: FirebaseAnalytics) { }
this.firebaseAnalytics.logEvent('page_view', {page: "dashboard"})  .then((res: any) => console.log(res))  .catch((error: any) => console.error(error));