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Check out example with Angular 9.1 & Capacitor 2.1

Platform Customization is possible

Original source: Jumio mobile-cordova Plugin for Apache Cordova

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$ npm install jumio-cordova $ npm install @ionic-native/jumio $ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms#

  • Android
  • iOS



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import {  Jumio,  JumioNetverifyConfig,  JumioDocVerificationConfig,  NetverifyDocumentData  DocVerificationDocumentData} from '@ionic-native/jumio/ngx';

constructor(private jumio: Jumio) { }
this.jumio.initNetverify("API_TOKEN", "API_SECRET", "US", {  requireVerification: false,  userReference: "USER_REFERENCE",  preselectedCountry: "USA",  cameraPosition: "BACK",  documentTypes: ["DRIVER_LICENSE", "PASSPORT", "IDENTITY_CARD", "VISA"],  enableWatchlistScreening: "ENABLED",  watchlistSearchProfile: "YOUR_PROFILE_NAME"});
let documentData: NetverifyDocumentData = await this.jumio.startNetverify();