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The plugin for the Kommunicate SDK. With the help of this plugin, you can easily add human + bot chat support functionality to you app. Refer to: TODO: insert site link For documentation: TODO: insert link

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$ npm install kommunicate-cordova-plugin $ npm install @ionic-native/kommunicate $ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms#

  • Android
  • Browser
  • iOS



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import { Kommunicate } from '@ionic-native/Kommunicate';
constructor(private kommunicate: Kommunicate) { }//also add [..., Kommunicate, ... ] inside the providers array, if required
var kmUser = {   userId : 'randomstring',   authenticationTypeId : 1};
this.kommunicate.login(kmUser)  .then((res: any) => console.log("Sucessfully logged in." + res))  .catch((error: any) => console.error("Error logging in." + error));
var conversationObject = {   isUnique : false};
this.kommunicate.conversationBuilder(converationObject)  .then((clientChannelKey: any) => console.log("Kommunicate create conversation successful the clientChannelKey is : " + clientChannelKey))  .catch((error: any) => console.error("Error creating conversation." + error));