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Spotify Auth

Cordova plugin for authenticating with Spotify

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$ npm install cordova-spotify-oauth $ npm install @ionic-native/spotify-auth $ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms#

  • Android
  • iOS



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import { SpotifyAuth } from '@ionic-native/spotify-auth/ngx';
// [...]
constructor(private spotifyAuth: SpotifyAuth) { }
// [...]
const config = {  clientId: "<SPOTIFY CLIENT ID>",  redirectUrl: "<REDIRECT URL, MUST MATCH WITH AUTH ENDPOINT AND SPOTIFY DEV CONSOLE>",  scopes: ["streaming"], // see Spotify Dev console for all scopes  tokenExchangeUrl: "<URL OF TOKEN EXCHANGE HTTP ENDPOINT>",  tokenRefreshUrl: "<URL OF TOKEN REFRESH HTTP ENDPOINT>",};
this.spotifyAuth.authorize(config)  .then(({ accessToken, expiresAt }) => {    console.log(`Got an access token, its ${accessToken}!`);    console.log(`Its going to expire in ${expiresAt -}ms.`);  });
// [...]
// [...]