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3D Touch

The 3D Touch plugin adds 3D Touch capabilities to your Cordova app.

Requires Cordova plugin: cordova-plugin-3dtouch. For more info, please see the 3D Touch plugin docs.

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$ npm install cordova-plugin-3dtouch $ npm install @ionic-native/three-dee-touch $ ionic cap sync

Supported Platforms#

  • iOS



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Please do refer to the original plugin's repo for detailed usage. The usage example here might not be sufficient.

import { ThreeDeeTouch, ThreeDeeTouchQuickAction, ThreeDeeTouchForceTouch } from '@ionic-native/three-dee-touch/ngx';
constructor(private threeDeeTouch: ThreeDeeTouch) { }
this.threeDeeTouch.isAvailable().then(isAvailable => console.log('3D Touch available? ' + isAvailable));
this.threeDeeTouch.watchForceTouches()  .subscribe(    (data: ThreeDeeTouchForceTouch) => {      console.log('Force touch %' + data.force);      console.log('Force touch timestamp: ' + data.timestamp);      console.log('Force touch x: ' + data.x);      console.log('Force touch y: ' + data.y);    }  );

let actions: ThreeDeeTouchQuickAction[] = [  {    type: 'checkin',    title: 'Check in',    subtitle: 'Quickly check in',    iconType: 'Compose'  },  {    type: 'share',    title: 'Share',    subtitle: 'Share like you care',    iconType: 'Share'  },  {    type: 'search',    title: 'Search',    iconType: 'Search'  },  {    title: 'Show favorites',    iconTemplate: 'HeartTemplate'  }];
this.threeDeeTouch.onHomeIconPressed().subscribe( (payload) => {   // returns an object that is the button you presed   console.log('Pressed the ${payload.title} button')   console.log(payload.type)